What’s New in Zoos : Pre-Conference Edition

This one is going to be quick, because I’m packing for the conference.  I hope all you east coasters are safe and your travel plans are not affected.   I wish everyone safe and  uneventful travels to Memphis.

Be sure to check the website during the conference, because I’ll post here about the conference while we’re there.  Be sure to check our Facebook page too.  It currently has some information about Memphis and conference attire.  Facebook is the perfect way to keep up with the friends you make at the conference.

Around the Zoos

Lehigh Valley Zoo Animals to Hunker Down for Irene
Lehigh Valley Zoo Herd animals like bison and elk have an instinct for knowing when to hunker down, which is one reason the Lehigh Valley Zoo isn’t shipping the animals elsewhere to ride out the coming storm.

Elephant At National Zoo Can Solve Problems
Over in the Zoo’s elephant house, Kandula is busy bowing and curtsying to a trainer’s commands. Don Moore, associate director for animal care sciences at the zoo, says these daily exercises keep elephants’ limbs loose and their minds sharp.

How Zoo Animals Predicted the DC Earthquake
Moments before a rare, 5.8-magnitude shook Washington, DC, the National Zoo said Wednesday many of its animals showed signs of distress — some letting out cries, others fleeing to higher ground and some huddling together.

Viral honey badger video may get new footage at Naples Zoo
Christopher Gordon, one of the crew from Randall’s Wild Wild World of Animals, will be filming the premiere of the new honey badger habitat at Naples Zoo on Saturday, August 20. Randall will create his unique voice-over and release a new video shortly.

Medical doctors, veterinarians team up for animal exam at Seneca Park Zoo
Monroe County’s Seneca Park Zoo is partnering up with Dr. Karl Schwartz from the University of Rochester Medical Center to perform a medical exam on the zoo’s Bornean orangutan. The 11-year-old Bornean orangutan named Dara will receive medical treatment.

Knoxville Zoo’s Tonka is largest bull elephant in the US
Tonka, an African elephant, weighs in at 13,300 pounds and is 10 feet 8 inches tall at his shoulders.

Science News

New Monkey and American Bird Species Found
This has been a great week for animal discoveries. A unique new primate was recently found in the Amazon and, for the first time in decades, the United States has a new bird species.

Possible Biological Control Discovered for Pathogen Devastating Amphibians
Zoologists at Oregon State University have discovered that a freshwater species of zooplankton will eat a fungal pathogen which is devastating amphibian populations around the world.

Heat Seeking Snakes
Pythons, boas and pit vipers (the family that includes rattlesnakes) see the world pretty much as we do, but with a twist: they can “see” in infrared too. This allows them to track their prey by their body heat from up to a metre away.

Horses Domesticated 9,000 Years Ago in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has found traces of a civilization that was domesticating horses about 9,000 years ago, 4,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Early Daddy Longlegs Revealed in 3-D
The spiderlike creatures known as daddy longlegs looked just as creepy 305 million years ago as they do now, according to new computer models that show the bugs settled into their modern forms early.

86 Percent of Earth’s Species Still Unknown?
Even after centuries of effort, some 86 percent of Earth’s species have yet to be fully described, according to new study that predicts our planet is home to 8.7 million species.

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