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Since 1998, the AZADV Travel Program has taken our members on journeys that enrich and inspire throughout the world.  Our small group size brings you to the very edge of thundering Iguassu and Victoria Falls or eye to eye with a giant tortoise in the Galapagos.  You’ll also get to try some unique and fun ways of traveling.  Saddle up on a lofty perch on the back of camel in Morocco or hop aboard a kayak to look for orcas in the San Juan Islands.  Our trips are planned with conservation, the environment, and YOU in mind.  All of our trips include these special qualities…..

  • Travel in the company of like-minded people…people who are curious and enjoy life and treasure the natural world.
  • Meet people who live in the world community – not just wave to them from a bus window.
  • Veer off the main roads on your way to remote villages, ancient ruins, and each country’s hidden treasures.
  • Be part of something unique.  Our trips aren’t available from any travel agent, aren’t for the mass-consumer market and aren’t something you’ll see every Sunday in the travel section of your newspaper.
  • Travelers are provided with insightful and helpful materials before every trip.  You will know what to pack, what temperatures to expect, what documents you need, what are the important issues and latest news items and much more.
  • Our trips are terrific values.  In every case you are getting your money’s worth.  Prices include accommodations, in country transportation and some times international air, guides and educational programming, most if not all meals, and a host of extras.  Plus the average size group is just 12 – 20 participants.  Why so small?  Because small groups ensure minimal impact on the environment and maximum enjoyment for the traveler – two things we love.
  • We work only with companies that share our mission and believe in traveling responsibly and sensitively.  As a result, we collaborate with the top USA tour operators who provide trips to non-profit institutions and organizations like ours.  On any trip we make sure you go home not only with snapshots and souvenirs, but also knowledge, understanding and valuable experiences.

Travel doesn’t just change the way you see the world – it can change your life.  Please join us on a one-of-a-kind adventure offered only through AZADV.

If you have questions or desire additional information, please contact “Bert” DeVries, AZADV Travel Chair, at 215-948-3615 or

Past Trips – Reviews

Read about some of the fun in store for you when you travel with AZAD.

2013: Caps for Cuba with AZAD

Copyright Hilde and Larry Martin

2008: Imperial Wonders of China:

AZADV chairman Larry Martin and his wife, Hilde from the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore went on the AZADV-sponsored trip to China in October of 2008. The following is an account of their 14-day adventure Pandas, Tigers and Imperial Wonders of China. More photos.

2004: Wolves, Bears and Geysers: Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Adventure

AZAD member Bernie Buren of the Louisville Zoo has shared his thought on the adventure into the Valley of the Yellowstone in June 2004. Read about his adventures.

Copyright National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Dave Withrow, NMML

2004: Baja California: Among The Great Whales

AZAD member Gloria Koch, from Oregon Zoo, Portland, OE has shared her thoughts and photos about her experience on the AZAD sponsored trip to Baja, CA in January of 2004. Read her experiences on this trip.

2003: Australia

AZAD member Sue Bassing, from Bergen County Zoo, Paramus, NJ, has shared her thoughts with us about her experience on the AZAD sponsored trip to Australia in March of 2003. Read her experiences on this trip.

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service National Image Library

2002: Polar Bears Up Close

AZAD members Karen Swanson and Barb Thoennes from the Pittsburgh Zoo went on the AZAD-sponsored trip to Churchill, Manitoba for a Polar Bear Watch in November of 2002. Read an account of their 7 day adventure excerpts of which recently appeared in the April 2003 issue of Symbiosis.